Saturday, August 11, 2007


There's a family reunion in upstate New York this weekend. Rumor has it there may be 90 people - I would know all of them, except for the three new babies I have not met yet. This is the first time my generation - the cousins - have organized an event. It gives me hope that the family will not disappear when my aunts and uncles do. My aunts and sister have promised to tell me all about it. I feel terrible about missing the party, although I have spent a lot of time with these folks in the last year.

I spent all my vacation days and all my money and most of my energy on this damn breast cancer stuff.

I was trying to whine this morning when Linda convinced me to come with her and the dogs on a hike to Arctic Valley. We drove to 3,000 feet and the trail rose another 1,000 feet in about a mile. This was a bit much for me, but I almost made it.

The dogs had an even better time than we had. Sookie led the way with her little rear end wriggling, and looking back over her shoulder at us every few paces. Rocky was bad. He took off along a rabbit trail. Linda eventually lured him back with a biscuit and some water, and managed to leash him before he took off on another hunt. Cosmo was smiling from ear to ear.

A beautiful day in Alaska. But the family gathering reminds me that the Alaska idyll should end soon. I want to go home.

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