Sunday, March 29, 2009

my favorite toy

This is an indoor day, obviously. Just looking out at the gray world is dispiriting. (Aunt Anne reminds me that we need ashes for Lent..).

So the Kindle is perfect. I don't have to venture out to the library (five blocks) or Barnes and Noble (three blocks.). I don't have to fall back on the hundred unread books piled up around the house.

Even though the free wireless connection sucks here in Alaska, I love this gadget. I love the feel of it in my hand, and scrolling through the titles of my virtual books.

When I bought it I told myself that of course I would still use the library and my favorite used book store. But Kindle has replaced these in my affection. This is the nicest, most comfortable way to read. I carry it with me everywhere and it draws quite a crowd. I thought only a deeply obsessed reader like me would want one, but everyone seems to like it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

now we have ashfall

For years I have been whining about how I wanted to see a volcanic eruption. There has not been one in Alaska in 20 years. Two years ago we were on alert for Augustine for three months. No eruption.

Redoubt has erupted about every 12 hours for a week. Air travel is hopelessly scrambled. My friend Lenka is supposed to fly from Frankfort (Germany) to Houston to Anchorage, where I will meet her and send her on to Juneau the next day. Now this seems unlikely and her mom is scrambling to find a new route. Seattle to Juneau should work.

Now, for the first time in Anchorage, we have ashfall, Everything looks like New Jersey. Gray, gray skies. I run my finger over the snow, the step, the car and come up with a thin gray slick.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

birthday presents

For some reason I've been given some lovely presents this week. Linda gave me a box of hammentashen (not easy to get in Alaska) and a ticket for Spamalot.

My nephew Sean made me the pendant necklace, and Suzanne sent me the pearl and stone rope. Candles from Cynthia and Barb - there's still a little night left to enjoy them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

nice stick Rocky

Fur Rondy

One of our favorite events at the annual winter carnival here, the Fur Rondy, is the dog weight pull. This dainty little Alaskan husky, Reebok, eventually pulled 400 pounds. Some of the dogs were so eager to pull the handler had to hold them in midair to fasten the tow rope, since they launched themselves the minute their paws touched the ground.

Then there was this bull terrier. He was delighted to be the center of attention but had no interest in pulling anything.

It was snowing heavily and everyone was walking around in fur hats eating reindeer hot dogs. The carnival rides did not look appealing, swirling through the snow. But we northerners are a festive bunch now that the light is back. So what if we expect at least two more months of winter..