Saturday, March 28, 2009

now we have ashfall

For years I have been whining about how I wanted to see a volcanic eruption. There has not been one in Alaska in 20 years. Two years ago we were on alert for Augustine for three months. No eruption.

Redoubt has erupted about every 12 hours for a week. Air travel is hopelessly scrambled. My friend Lenka is supposed to fly from Frankfort (Germany) to Houston to Anchorage, where I will meet her and send her on to Juneau the next day. Now this seems unlikely and her mom is scrambling to find a new route. Seattle to Juneau should work.

Now, for the first time in Anchorage, we have ashfall, Everything looks like New Jersey. Gray, gray skies. I run my finger over the snow, the step, the car and come up with a thin gray slick.

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Anneo said...

Remember, you are supposed to get ashes for lent!