Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fur Rondy

One of our favorite events at the annual winter carnival here, the Fur Rondy, is the dog weight pull. This dainty little Alaskan husky, Reebok, eventually pulled 400 pounds. Some of the dogs were so eager to pull the handler had to hold them in midair to fasten the tow rope, since they launched themselves the minute their paws touched the ground.

Then there was this bull terrier. He was delighted to be the center of attention but had no interest in pulling anything.

It was snowing heavily and everyone was walking around in fur hats eating reindeer hot dogs. The carnival rides did not look appealing, swirling through the snow. But we northerners are a festive bunch now that the light is back. So what if we expect at least two more months of winter..

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