Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I still have questions

Rocky surveys his domain.

DCIS: 60,000 new cases a year in the US and you still can't tell me...

* What mortality and recurrence stats are at 15 years?
* How well the partial breast radiation works?
* If Arimidex decreases recurrence rates in post-menopausal women?
* If or how DCIS outcomes are different for comedonecrosis vrs non-comedonecrosis?
* My USC/VNPI index is 7 - does that really predict anything?
* What is the risk of lymphedema (given sentinel node biopsy, partial masectomy, and radiation) for me?
* Do the standard recommendations for decreasing lymphedema (no manicures! not hot tubs! gloves for all activities! don't paint the bedroom!) actually decrease rates of LE and if so, how much?

The bad attitude is increasing as I think about this - and I think about this all the time.

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