Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So much for my plans

This morning I looked in the mirror. Eighteen days after a partial masectomy and sentinel node biopsy, and the last traces of bruising were gone. I put on the underwire bra I haven't worn since surgery, and a close fitting silk tee I'd been avoiding. Looking good! Driving home from work, I planned this post. A friend would photograph me, tits and all, in that pretty shirt. The post would be titled "Recovery!".

I opened the door to find a tidal wave of dog excrement - big watery puddles with chocolate and tin foil. Followed the trail to the souce - Marge's chocolate calcium chews. Sookie was the obvious culprit - she was vomiting and shivering. She's a little dog and couldn't survive that kind of volume depletion. So we were off to Pet Emergency. I left her and a deposit of $450 and we'll see what happens next.

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Anonymous said...

OK, OK, you are OK. But how is Sookie? Is she going to make it? That's a lot of calcium for such a little one.

And no pink for you. But there is a picture of orange nasturtiums in a white frame hanging in the kitchen.