Monday, July 9, 2007

another medical office

My corn snake, Sunshine, lounges in the forget-me-nots in the shady part of the garden.

On to see the radiation oncologist today. Everyone I met there was intelligent, warm, and funny - so I have to complain about the waiting room and the decor. A metal column in the middle of the room, with a gas fireplace (welcome even on a July day in Alaska) in one corner and a big aquarium above it. This gave me a odd sensation of swimming fish soup. Alluring jigsaw puzzles laid out on generous tables near comfortable chairs. I love jigsaws, but I immediately begain to worry about how much time I was going to spend in this room. The usual basket of hand knit hats. (I will keep my hair but I will knit hats for the basket.) Assorted water and teas and juices and old magazines. I looked at a thick glossy international travel magazine, wondering if I was ever going to travel again.

They made me watch a long boring video about radiation therapy with Elliot Gould. This was done in a private, cozy little closet where I fantasized about "Capricorn One", one of my favorite 70's paronia movies. Starring Elliot Gould. I turned it off and rewound it a little early.

I showed my breasts to four more people. I have done this so often that my first impulse, when people ask how I am, is to lift my shirt and show them.

More potential good news. I may be a candidate for partial breast radiation, which takes five days instead of six weeks. On Friday I will be CAT scanned to see if the cavity is deep enough and my thyroid, lungs, and other breast are far enough away to do this.

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