Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scanned, marked, tatted

One of the three tattoos for radation.

Three medical appointments in a week. Negotiations with the hospital "financial counselor" (very helpful) and the insurance company (not helpful).

The medical oncologist surprised me by NOT recomending tamoxifen. He said the small decrease in reoccurences does not outweigh the toxicity and side effects of the drug. I'm more afraid of strokes than breast cancer, so I will take his advice. And I'm thrilled have one thing less to juggle.

The final radiation simulation will be next Friday and I will start radation on the 23rd. It may be possible to do high dose partial breast irradation - twice a day for five days instead of daily for six weeks. That would be wonderful. I could be out of this cancerland (at least temporarily!) by the begining of August.

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