Sunday, January 27, 2008


The "way too dark" part of the winter is over already. Now I admit it is cold - about zero. There is plenty of snow. The redpols in my back yard are eating half a pound of sunflower seeds a week.

But there is Daylight! Not enough maybe, but now that we are above seven hours and gaining more than four minutes a day anything seems possible.

I had a follow-up visit with the surgeon this week. Everyone came in to admire my breast (I used to be shy about such things). Actually, it looks better than the good one and I no longer have a matching set but I'm not complaining.

Marilyn said very few women were opting for the short course of radiation (twice a day for five days instead of five times a week for six weeks). I was the third woman in Anchorage to go that route. It is in Phase 3 trials now and is not yet standard therapy. She said when the radiologist said "long term results are unknown" that seemed to scare women off. I never thought twice about it. Marilyn suggested that we health care providers know damn well how little we know about anything and therefore worry about it less. That might well explain my attitude.

I can come up with dozens of questions that can't be answered. What's one more?

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